: Vivian Herbst

The REST API has been a pillar of .net programming for an extended time. However recently gRPC has started invading on its territory. It seems there are some excellent reasons for that. During this post, we will study the ins and outs of gRPC and the way it compares to REST.

SQL - Order of execution

: Vivian Herbst

Knowing the order during which an SQL query is executed will help us a good deal in optimizing our queries. This will often be very true with massive and sophisticated queries where knowing the order of execution can save us from unwanted results, and facilitate us by producing queries that execute quicker.

Free e-Commerce solution?

: Steven Kelly

Have you ever been given a proposal for an e-commerce solution that requires an immense amount of admin functionality as well as just the basic handling of categories, products and customer accounts with little time to do it in? Well, then look no further, nopCommerce offers the Solution to your problems.

Data Security Against Theft:

: Duncan du Plessis

Data security is the protection of digital data, such as those in a database, from destructive forces and the unwanted actions of unauthorized users such as your hackers and cyber-attacks.

Teams Auto Provisioning

: Darius Seerparsad

The Teams Auto Provisioning system uses PowerApps, Power Automate and SharePoint Online to carry out a series of actions that makes things easier for the end user to create new team sites and archive them all from within teams.

How to design software

: Duen Oosthuizen

Software Design is a tricky thing to execute, here I go through what I've learned from my short time designing software.