Real-Time Responses. No Added Effort. Customer Satisfaction.

Bots, also known as Web Robots, and most commonly seen as contact pop-ups on a website or application, are the new world answer to our call-centre or customer care concerns. Bots are intelligently programmed to speak your businesses language and answer questions from your customers on your products, services or business-related inquiries. Bots can be used on their own or in conjunction with call centres, and can structure information, based on keywords, to make sure that the correct Call Centre Agent takes over when questions become detailed or off-script. Bots can also be programmed to recognise leads and automatically prompt your sales or customer relation department to contact your customer.

Bots uplift the experience of your customers with your brand as they won’t have to spend those few extra seconds finding your details to send you an email or call you. Improve customer satisfaction, sales and retention with First Digital’s customised Bot solutions.