Combine. Access. Find. Transform

Picture this: You’re searching for a fish restaurant in Johannesburg. You want to pay a certain price and to ensure they have your favourite fish. You also don’t want to travel too far. Instead of doing three or four tedious different searches and trying to ascertain which is closest, you could do it in one easy step. This search integration uses your location and all forms of information available on the web to give you exactly what you need.

Now, picture this: You have a business that is made up of many different processes, functions and even locations. You have different ways to manage information, collect data, manage data and communicate. You wish there was a way to be able to do everything in a seamless fashion, with easy access and systems and processes that communicate with one another. There is. You can. Integration is all you need.

We integrate information from any source and simplify data communication between different systems. Thus, heavily reducing downtime and costs, while allowing for more productive hours during the work day.

What is integration?

Whether websites, web applications, data storage, organisational structures and more… when a system needs to be upgraded, connected with another system or have a feature added to it – it is not as simple as 123. Without integration, you run the risk of losing information, different coding languages not communicating or excessive lag and constant malfunctioning. First Digital ensures the seamless integration of existing and new systems, so that you can carry on with business as usual.