One Button. Simplicity. Intelligence.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) are changing the way we do business at an exciting pace. At First Digital, we strive for simplicity, automation, intuition and innovation in everything we develop. The intelligence of technology allows for intuitive processes, automatic insights and the remote controlling of everything in our professional and private lives. IoT and AI Solutions allow for things we never dreamed possible - the sorting and analysis of data, machines that seem to know us, a parking bay that knows if it is taken, media displays that know their audiences. The list could go on forever...

With IoT, you can set your curtains on a timer to open in the morning, your coffee to brew and be waiting for you, and your TV to switch on the news. If it can do all this for your home, imagine what it could do for your business… Add some AI to the mix and you're destined for success.