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Teams Auto Provisioning

The Teams Auto Provisioning system uses PowerApps, Power Automate and SharePoint Online to carry out a series of actions that makes things easier for the end-user to create new team sites and archive them all from within teams.

The Teams Auto Provisioning system was built to eliminate the cluster of team sites within teams and gives the user the ability to create and archive Teams sites within minutes.

The Teams Auto Provisioning system rolls out a folder structure and adds custom columns to your newly created team site. It will then also go on to adding channels and tabs such as Microsoft Planner which is fully integrated into Microsoft Teams.

It gives the user the ability to "Archive" a team site, that is correct not delete but archive a Teams site which means should you need access to this site and/or the information on that site at a later stage all you have to do is log a ticket with I.T Support. They will provide you with access to that information or the entire site.

This system was built based on the feedback we received from our clients who use Microsoft Teams and SharePoint on a daily basis. Another awesome thing to mention about this system is that it can be fully customized to suit your business. "Why work hard when you can get more done by working smart."

Published By: Darius Seeparsad

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