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Cloud & Migration Services


End-to-end Microsoft Cloud Solution consulting
with professional services:

  • Public and private cloud consultation

  • Microsoft cloud solutions (plan, design, build)

  • Infrastructure assessments

  • Microsoft cloud roadmap and adoption development

Cloud Strategy

Plan Cloud Initiatives

Cloud Migration

Migrate and

and Manage

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Structured Approach:

Our platform and Advisory services business is well versed in Microsoft Project delivery and our team follows a structured approach in line with the below phases. This project delivery methodology has ensured that we deliver to customer expectation whilst ensuring commitments are met.

The team envisions and plans of project is performed ramping up the project definition phase


Initiate and envision the project

Project is defined and workshops are conducted with customers in line with the scope


Plan and structure the project

Workloads are deployed and tested as per the scope of the project

Deploy projects

Project completion report provided and sign-off of the  engagement conducted


Project closure

Build/ Deploy

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