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Innovation & IoT


Software development for a
competitive advantage 

Using modern development methodologies and best of breed development platforms, we deliver modern and mobile friendly e-commerce, IoT, web and mobile based transaction platforms to enterprise clients. Applying automated build and release management processes, we streamline the DevOps loop; ensuring quality and secure software.

Custom software development




Virtual teams

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Innovative solutions drive transformation:

Creating custom software solutions for a modern and connected world. We have 10+ years working with some of the most prominent digital platforms. 

Serverless Cloud Development
First Digital, and it's software development team, is accredited as a Microsoft Solutions Partner with an Advanced Specialization Migrating Enterprise Apps to Microsoft Azure. This specialization validates our expertise in migrating and deploying production web application workloads, applying Dev Ops practices, and managing application services in Azure.


Discover the limitless potential of cloud development with our seasoned expertise in Azure, AWS, and GCP. Whether you're looking to build, scale, or optimize your applications, our team delivers top-notch solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Embracing a mature DevOps methodology, we prioritize speed, quality, and security throughout the development process.

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DevOps and Virtual Teams

Streamline your Microsoft Azure DevOps implementation with our expert DevOps consulting services. From version control to continuous integration, we optimize your development workflows for increased collaboration and agility.

Build scalable, future-proof software with our experienced architects. We design robust frameworks that incorporate flexibility, security, and cutting-edge technologies to maximize your software projects' potential.

Boost productivity with our full-disciplined outsourced virtual teams. From skilled developers to project managers, we ensure seamless collaboration and professionalism, matching your project's unique requirements.

Connected Things

Realize the full potential of IoT with our internet-connected software. Gather real-time data seamlessly with our cutting-edge solutions, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize operations.


Tailored to your specific needs, our custom-designed sensors are engineered for purpose. Experience accurate and reliable data collection with our high-quality sensor solutions.

Stay connected with GPS and BLE-based location tracking devices. Whether indoors or outdoors, our advanced tracking solutions provide precise location data for enhanced asset management and safety.

Microsoft App Source and Azure  Marketplace Offers


App Modernisation Assessment

Get a high-level customized plan for modernizing your existing application.

With First Digital's App Modernization Assessment, you'll collaborate with top experts in Microsoft technologies to receive a customized plan for modernizing your application. Click here


Azure DevOps pipeline


Get a high-level report on your current pipeline with actionable insights to optimize it.

Optimize your software development process and improve your CI/CD pipeline with the Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline assessment  Click here

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