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KovsieApp App Permissions:

KovsieApp collects location data, even when the app is closed or not in use or while KovsieApp is running in the background. Location data is only collected if the panic button feature in the app is activated by the user of the app.


Features in the app the use location in the background:

  • Panic Button


Location data is not used for the purposes of ads. Location data is only used for the purpose of the UFS being able to effectively respond to the emergency, and only while the emergency feature is active.


Collection of Personal Information:

If you are using this app, we do not capture data that identifies you or reveals any personal information. The only personal information obtained is personal information voluntarily provided to us by yourself when visiting the app. Please note that you will only be providing personal information when you are required to send a message from the app, fill out a form or questionnaire, or answer questions, in all instances followed by a disclaimer stating that by submission of such information you consent to use of such information by the UFS in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Statement. If you choose to share personal information with the UFS in any other manner, the UFS undertakes to only use such information for responding to an enquiry or other requests for information or for other purposes you have authorised, unless your consent has been obtained or otherwise required by law.

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