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A Quick Introduction to Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

As more businesses move away from their on-premises environments and focuses on the adoption of cloud hosted solutions and platforms, it becomes clear that security remains a primary question and concern on client' minds.

That is why, as First Digital, we adhere to provide our customers with in-depth and accurate cloud security solutions. Ranging from small enterprise to large scale Financial Services institutions, we have a solid understanding of deploying and configuring the Microsoft Defender suite of applications to protect both on-premises and Microsoft Cloud solutions.

The Microsoft Defender suite provides clients with the ability to secure their on-premises and cloud hosted solutions from malicious attacks originating from external or internal sources. This can range from securing an entire Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange Hybrid build to protecting BYOD devices using application protection policies to limit the access external guest users have to your company's content, or just block them all together. The key deployment being the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint solution can utilize an existing Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM) infrastructure to on-board Servers and Workstations to the Microsoft Security Portal. Together with Microsoft Security Center, the two solutions provide an advanced view of current security gaps and how to resolve them.

With the increase of global cloud adoption, focus on security becomes paramount to ensuring the safety of business critical and sensitive data. Businesses moving their workloads to Microsoft Azure can be assured that Microsoft provides a multitude of options and features to secure their information and data, based on their requirements.

Werner Lubbe

Cloud & Migration Consultant

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