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First Technology Digital earns gold Microsoft DevOps competency

First Technology Digital, South Africa’s preferred partner for digital transformation, digital workplaces and Artificial Intelligence, has been successful in its attainment of Gold-level status for the Microsoft DevOps competency.

This latest achievement sees the company adding to its existing Gold Cloud Platform expertise, which currently includes Application Development, Collaboration and Content, Data Analytics, and Datacenter competencies.

“Organisations are under increasing pressure to create new products and improve existing ones at a faster pace than ever before,” explains Robert Kendall, business unit manager at First Technology Digital. “By using a DevOps model, they are able to circumvent lengthier traditional software development approaches, enhancing speed and efficiencies across IT functions.”

According to Kendall, benefits delivered by DevOps include shortened cycle times, faster value delivery, improved quality and availability, optimised resources, the elimination of waste, and greater innovation.

This statement is reinforced by the findings of IT automation software company, Puppet, which released a white paper entitled the ‘2017 State of DevOps Report’, which revealed that high performing organisations have 46 times higher software deployment frequencies, 440 times faster lead time for changes, and a five times lower software change failure rate than lower performance competitors.

“First Technology Digital’s status as a Gold level Microsoft DevOps partner shows that we are able to assist local clients to deploy powerful apps, empowering them not only to function, but to thrive and develop,” says Kendall. “Through DevOps, we are able to help companies focus on delivery, build flexible, fluid teams, enrich collaboration, create collective value, and improve the effectiveness of outcomes.

“Our achievement of the highest level of DevOps competency shows that Microsoft has recognised First Technology Digital for its commitment to strengthening customer relationships through innovative and effective business solutions,” he adds.

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