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First Technology Digital and Sasol win at the 2023 Nintex Solutions Innovation Awards

First Technology Digital and their esteemed customer, Sasol, have been celebrated at the 2023 Nintex Solutions Innovation Awards for their remarkable achievements. Jonathan De Klerk, a member of First Technology Digital's Automation and Integration team, has also been recognized for his outstanding contributions to the Nintex platform.

Customer Excellence Award - Sasol: Enhancing Governance Processes with Nintex K2

In the petroleum industry, Sasol showcased their commitment to innovation and measurable business value by leveraging Nintex K2. Their implementation aimed to enhance the auditability of governance processes, meeting auditors' stringent requirements.

Before adopting Nintex K2, Sasol recognized the need to improve their governance processes for better traceability and data capture. By partnering with First Technology Digital and Nintex, they proactively addressed these challenges, achieving transparency and compliance improvements. The implementation led to efficient change tracking and elevated governance practices.

First Digital successfully developed a tailored solution for Sasol using Nintex K2 and SmartForms. The solution enabled comprehensive tracking, version control, and logging of activities, creating a granular audit trail. Integration with incident or request ticket numbers further improved change tracking, while SmartForms offered user-friendly interfaces for capturing change-related information. The solution brought numerous benefits, including enhanced auditability, streamlined change management, improved compliance, increased efficiency, data integrity, and better collaboration.

Individual Excellence Award: Driving Automation at a Global Vehicle Manufacturer

Jonathan De Klerk, a lead architect and implementation developer at a major vehicle manufacturer, received the Nintex Individual Excellence Award for his exceptional expertise and impactful contributions.

Jonathan played a pivotal role in automating processes at the vehicle manufacturer. Nintex Automation On-Premise streamlined manual processes, significantly improving operational efficiency and enhancing visibility across operations. Jonathan's dedication was evident throughout the project. His thought leadership to the Nintex environment resulted in seamless automation, reduced reliance on paper-based tasks, and improved overall productivity.

The Nintex Solution Innovation Awards celebrate the exceptional achievements of Sasol and Jonathan De Klerk, showcasing their commitment to innovation and excellence in leveraging Nintex solutions. Their success serves as inspiration to the wider Nintex community, setting a benchmark for customer and individual excellence in their respective fields. By harnessing Nintex's process intelligence and automation capabilities, Sasol and Jonathan De Klerk have made transformative strides in their industries.

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