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About Us

Welcome to First Digital – South Africa’s preferred partner for Digital Transformation, Digital Workplaces and Artificial Intelligence.

Who is First Digital?

Established in 2010, First Digital operates from offices in Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Western Cape.

As South Africa’s experts in Digital Transformation, Software Consultancy and Management Consulting Solutions, First Digital is a future-enabled partner for the new business generation. As technology takes us into the age of the Cloud, AI, Digital Footprints and Process Automation, First Digital empowers organisations to function, thrive and develop.

Business Transformation without Digital Transformation is no longer feasible as a long-term solution. With an eye towards ROI and optimising processes and customer satisfaction, we focus on building new products/services and implementing prudent strategies in today's dynamic digital environment.

First Digital - where Business and Technology Strategies converge.

Microsoft Gold Partner and K2 Value Added Reseller

Gold Application Development
Gold Application Integration
Gold Collaboration and Content
Gold Cloud Customer Relationship Management


We have partnered with clients to build customised, user friendly, mobile responsive and optimised websites and applications; improve internal processes and efficiency through digital innovation; simply and effectively collect and analyse data; and save money, and time.

Business Process Management

Do a whole lot more, a lot more efficiently, in a lot less time and with a lot less clutter, all while saving money.

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Application Development

As experts in Application Development and Management, we deliver innovation and excellence in the most complex of digital solutions.

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Mobile Application Development

We are the Mobile Generation. The App Generation. Your customers are waiting for you. Let us take you there.

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Website Design & Development

Your website makes a first and lasting impression, so why not ensure that it is interactive, user friendly, aesthetically awesome and mobile responsive?

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Customer Relationship Management

Track clients and jobs anywhere in the system. Intelligently time and target your marketing and communication. Improve on delivery and work calibre.

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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Internal Communication

Transform your project and workflow management, employee engagement, data management and internal communication.

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Simplify your business processes, data sharing between systems, search and analysis, and web-based search functions.

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Cloud Services

Say goodbye to paper, bulky machines, server rooms and external drives and back-ups, without giving up your security or time.

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Ask me a question, I’ll give you the answer in no more than twenty seconds.

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Manage your life, home and business with the touch of a screen or the click of a button.

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Professional Services Automation

Plan and track resources and workflow, manage time, automate processes and reports. It’s just that simple.

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We have a range of clients with a wide variety of different needs. View some of our previous work and the clients we’ve digitally transformed below:

  • Marketing

  • It’s been tried. It’s been tested. It’s been delivered. Our customers choose us because we deliver: reach, impact, improved customer experiences and ROI.

  • Websites and Web Apps (Front-End & Design).

  • eCommerce (Web & Mobile)

  • Rental & booking sites (Web & Mobile)

  • Secure password protected sites (Web & Mobile)

  • Mobile App

  • Bots

  • Dynamics 365 for Marketing

  • Resource & Project Management

  • Improved experiences, procedures, collaboration and workflow have enhanced our customers’ businesses.

  • BritePlan

  • SharePoint

  • Sales

  • Our customers turn leads into sales, and sales into happy clients quicker than ever thought possible.

  • BritePlan

  • Dynamics 365 for Sales and Opportunities

  • Finance

  • Whether insights or tracking, invoices, claims or payments, we make it simple, precise and save you valuable time.

  • K2

  • BritePlan

  • Operations

  • Manual processes, fragmented data storage, complicated workflows and uninformed decisions are a thing of the past for our customers.

  • K2

  • BritePlan

  • Human Resources

  • With all the tech solutions in the world, it is still people that form the backbone of a business. Our solutions ensure engaged and satisfied employees and seamless HR processes.

  • SharePoint

  • BritePlan


Experts in some, developers of others...

  • Dynamics 365

  • Dynamics 365 empowers organisations with the tools to collaborate, manage, track and share data and workflow to improve customer satisfaction and retention. Run your sales, quoting, billing, client communication and marketing from this truly dynamic tool.

  • Dynamics 365 keeps communication simple and effective and First Digital are experts in customising the Dynamics 365 experience to reflect your business processes and accounting systems. We specialise in integrating systems and software to work together with Dynamics 365. We can build and customise automated resource scheduling and even loyalty programme tools.

  • Azure

  • 99.99% Uptime guarantee.
    Google Drive, iCloud, DropBox and even Gmail are the small-scale examples of what it means to work, store, manage, and more, from the Cloud.

  • Azure is Microsoft’s Cloud Service. It is safe and secure, while removing the need for paper, server rooms and bulky machinery. Not only can you store documents and data on Azure, you can house your website, create customised processes and solutions, and use it to enhance K2, SharePoint and Office 365 solutions.

  • Azure protects your organisation from hacking, reduces downtime and speeds up network speed.

  • Soon, the modern world will only be using Cloud Services for their websites, networks and data storage. Netflix does it, Microsoft itself does it, we do it. You could do it too, by contacting First Digital today.

  • SharePoint

  • This intelligent Intranet manages content, stores and files data, and seamlessly shares information. It can be customised to represent your organisation's personality, structure and requirements. Each SharePoint experience might look and feel different, but its capabilities in data storage, content management and employee engagement are endless.

  • SharePoint shares company news and never lets you miss a birthday. It engages employees in an inclusive and productive environment, while automating time-consuming processes.

  • First Digital specialises in customising your SharePoint experience to specifically meet your strategies, objectives, systems and requirements. We are experts in extending the capabilities of SharePoint to handle any business process, and in integrating SharePoint with your existing systems and processes.

  • Microsoft BizTalk

  • BizTalk is a message/data conversion system ensuring that different systems, platforms and softwares communicate with one another, and adapt to one another. It integrates mobile, web, network, application and any system, in any structure or code, with any other…

  • BizTalk integrates, supports and automates organisational business processes. It opens the lines of communication, and translates and transports messages and data in the smoothest and most efficient ways. It is the creator, executor and manager of business processes for connecting, transporting and routing messages internally, and with external business entities.

  • Office 365

  • Office 365 is so much more than you think it is. You’re expecting Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and a few other household names you’re used to using. Well, Office 365 for business offers a host of online products and desktop applications that work together to streamline business processes, collaboration and data sharing.

  • From all the products you are familiar with, right through to Project, Exchange, SharePoint, OneNote, Skype for Business, PBX, Video, Apps and a whole lot more, Office 365 has something for every sized organisation. Let’s not forget its security features, administration panel, back-up, storage and up-time guarantee.

  • Whether you’re a laptop, desktop tablet or mobile user, the functionality is broadly similar and syncing files and information across devices is seamless (even for Mac users!).

  • Delve

  • Insightful and proactive Delve helps you to discover personalised and relevant content, based who you’re working with and what you’re working on. Delve hands content to you, on a silver platter, from across Office 365, SharePoint, One Drive for Business, Exchange and more. Its intuitive nature means that you won’t need to search through files and remember their names in order to bring up a document or share your work with colleagues.

  • PowerBI

  • Power BI is a Business Intelligence Tool that seamlessly allows you to connect to and intelligently sort data. Its most attractive and commonly known feature is that it has the ability to analyse and group data on one simple screen, in a way that is easy to understand.

  • This allows for business insights, analyses and reporting in a simple and automated way. Its further excellence is in that it can pull data from multiple sources, including, but not limited to SharePoint and Excel. The bottom line is that wherever your data is stored, Power BI fetches, sorts and analyses this data - providing you with the tools to make smarter business decisions.


You might say that BritePlan is a CRM, workflow and resource management system that allows organisations to plan, track and monitor their resources, workflow and time. However, it is so much more…

  • With BritePlan, you can manage lead generation, expenses, budgets and invoices, and even your customers’ expectations - all from one place. Its analytics capabilities allow you to understand where you are making money, where things are getting stuck in the system, and which resource would be suited to which client, based on availability, skill, location and experience.

  • BritePlan will update you when you are expected to check, secure or act on something. It will tell you when projects are complete, and prompt you to bill clients. The best part? BritePlan doesn’t just prompt you, it takes you to the correct function, so that you seamlessly continue with the relevant work.

  • First Digital TV

  • TV, tablet and screen displays are becoming the first choice for restaurants who want to display menus or create an ambience with rolling videos or images; clubs who want to enhance the experiences of club goers; waiting areas that want to show off their business offerings or give their customers something to do while waiting; events that want to give audiences an exclusive and thrilling experience; advertisers at arenas who want to create brand awareness and love; and the list goes on…

  • First Digital exclusively brings you FD-TV, a remote application that allows you to show presentations, videos, images, and more, to your audiences, in a simple, hardware-free way. You can automate, update live, connect to the internet and change between them as you please. You could take a selfie on your phone in Canada, and place it on a screen in South Africa, in as little as a minute. It’s that simple.


POPIcheck is a SharePoint Application that plugs into your SharePoint platform, allowing you to simply and quickly perform POPI assessments. This enables you to improve and ensure compliance with South Africa’s POPI Act.

How does it work?

  • It targets the four key paradigms of POPI Compliance, being: Policy & Strategy, Lifecycle & Process, Security and People.

  • It identifies risks and areas for Compliance improvement

  • It generates ordered and prioritised corrective actions

  • It generates an official audit report, in PDF format, to be stored or shared with colleagues and stakeholders

  • You can revise your rating as your Compliance progresses


Assess the maturity and capability of your business with First Digital’s MaturityPoint App. It assesses your positioning for successful growth and change, whilst allowing for collaboration on change initiatives with its SharePoint plugin.

How does it work?

  • It targets four key paradigms for Maturity Assessment, being: Processes, Products, Services and Functions

  • It can be used to assess specific business capabilities across organisations

  • You can select the attributes you want to assess

  • Use the generic 5 Step Scoring Model or customise your own

  • It provides cross-organisational insights and summarises its findings on the dashboard

  • It exports your Maturity Assessment to PDF for storing or sharing


RiskPoint is an intelligent, easy-to-use App that allows you to assess the risk of projects and programs before you initiate them. It helps to obtain successful project outcomes, based on its different parts and stages in its life cycle. RiskPoint’s SharePoint plugin allows for team collaboration and input.

How does it work?

  • It targets four key paradigms for Risk Assessment, being: Right Project, Right Planning, Right Outcomes and Right Governance

  • It provides program and project risk assessment in minutes

  • Your rating can be revised at any time during the project

  • It provides an overview of what you need to do to avoid risk and ensure project success

  • It instantly draws attention to problem areas

  • It issues a set of recommended mitigations for each assessment

  • It exports results to PDF for storing or sharing


With change, development and growth comes new technologies and processes. ReadinessPoint assesses your organisational readiness for the coming change, providing you with insights and next steps to be ready for transition. Its SharePoint plugin allows for seamless collaboration and contribution to all change and growth initiatives.

How does it work?

  • It targets four key paradigms for Readiness Assessment, being: Organisational Readiness, Process Readiness, People Readiness and technology Readiness

  • It assesses multiple change projects in minutes

  • Your rating can be revised at any time during a project

  • It generates an overview of business readiness for any change program

  • It instantly draws your attention to problems that require correct action

  • Recommended corrective actions are issued for each assessment

  • It exports results to PDF for audit, storing and sharing


Simplify, integrate and automate business processes with K2 as your holistic Business Process Management and Enterprise Content Management partner.

K2 simplifies business processes, including: forms, workflow, data and reports.

K2 customers are enabled to transform their organisations, and it's all because of information. Empowered with the information necessary to make great decisions, with K2 you can work anywhere, any time and from any device.

  • Nintex

  • A simplified and automated workflow makes collaborating and productivity seamless. Whatever your processes, platforms and content, Nintex allows the collaboration and automation that connects colleagues and simplifies workflow. From startups to large corporations, Nintex solves process challenges across departments.


Doing business online? Make security a priority

If you’re moving your business online to harness the power of digital technology, then you need to understand both the potential and the peril of cyberspace. Our KZN executive manager, Gabriel Malherbe, and BUI CISSP Neil du Plessis explain why a security strategy is critical for any enterprise with web-facing assets.

Digital Transformation with MyUNI Mobile App

As our world journeys towards a Digital-First workforce and playground, First Digital (a First Technology company) brings collaboration, assistance and administration to the mobile phones of learners and staff.

Online Student Portals and Learner Management Systems (LMS) are a primary source of course content, student results and assignment submission. While the MyUNI Mobile Application is not an LMS, it has the ability to integrate into LMS’s and back-end systems. MyUNI offers an interactive, collaborative and functional way to get to know your campus, perform self-help functions, receive push notifications for events, assignment and test dates, and collaborate with staff and students.

Local cloud services: Read the fine print

When your data is stored locally, within the data centre of a reputable cloud services partner, you might think that it’s as safe as it could be.

Not necessarily so, says Riaan Terblanche, solutions architect at First Technology Digital, a specialist IT consulting company.

Terblanche refers to a real-life example, where an African independent insurance broker, which learned its lesson the hard way, lost all of its data residing with a local ISP due to a technical malfunction, only to then learn that there had also been no recent snap shots or backups of this data by its partner.

First Digital Delivers Real World IoT

First Digital, a First Technology company, helped Modac bring their Environment Monitoring solution to the cloud using an enterprise internet of things approach.

As a leader of quality, cost-effective construction of data centers and provider of building management systems, Modac embarked on a journey to bring their Axil environment monitoring solution to clients using a software as a service model. First Digital evaluated the technical requirements to meet a growing demand for dashboard and cloud based visibility of data centers and helped Modac deliver the solution to clients including First Technology’s own FirstNet division.

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