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First Digital Delivers Real World IoT

First Digital, a First Technology company, helped Modac bring their Environment Monitoring solution to the cloud using an enterprise internet of things approach.

As a leader of quality, cost-effective construction of data centers and provider of building management systems, Modac embarked on a journey to bring their Axil environment monitoring solution to clients using a software as a service model. First Digital evaluated the technical requirements to meet a growing demand for dashboard and cloud based visibility of data centers and helped Modac deliver the solution to clients including First Technology’s own FirstNet division.

“When you look at the world of internet of things (IoT), the challenge started back in the 2000’s when non-human computing devices started sharing more data over the internet”, says Gabriel Malherbe of First Digital. “The challenge is therefore not new, but the demand from consumers is growing and key pieces of technology has matured and become accessible.”

The basic principle of remote things feeding information to a central reportable repository applies equally to fitness armbands as it does to a vibration sensor on an industrial robot.

The three basic components include the sensory-aware device with edge computing capability, a robust and secure transport over the internet and the ability to collect and process information as well as controlling the remote device.

The internet of things is not new. It is however becoming pervasive and unlike other internet innovations that normally starts with consumers, the value for the enterprise is apparent and far reaching. Before we realize the value of a self-replenishing-internet-connected fridge, the ability for companies to predict breakdowns, auto schedule maintenance and gain insights from remote devices will give them a competitive edge and transform their businesses.

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