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Sunset Point Software Partners with First Technology Digital

Sunset Point Software, a leader in legacy data immortalization and M&A systems integration, today announced a strategic partnership with First Technology Digital, a prominent South African-based software development and digital transformation consulting firm.

Joe Labbe, Founder and COO of Sunset Point Software, stated, "As firms embrace digital transformation and cloud migration, they often encounter challenges in managing legacy system information they leave behind creating a need for sophisticated archival solution that not only preserves information, but keeps it operational. Our partnership with First Technology Digital equips us to address this need effectively, combining our innovative approach with their extensive consulting expertise to serve the rapidly expanding market.”


In South Africa, where 72.3% of the population is adopting digital technologies, organisations face increasing pressure to modernize their systems to meet customer and employee expectations. This rapid digital adoption is generating legacy systems at an unprecedented rate, highlighting the urgent need for effective decommissioning strategies.


Many of our clients spend most of their effort thinking about the adoption of new technology, but rarely consider in detail the impact of decommission technology. We are excited to partner with Sunset Point Software and bring an eloquent and future proof solution to this problem for the South African market”, says Gabriel Malherbe, Executive at First Digital.


Under the terms of this partnership, First Technology Digital will resell and implement Sunset Point Software’s Legacy Snapshot and M&A Snapshot solutions, offering comprehensive support for companies navigating the complexities of digital transformation and legacy system management.


About First Digital

First Technology Digital is a First Technology group company. First Digital is a application solution partner specialising in product development, digital transformation and the design, development, and deployment of enterprise solutions to local and international clients. First Digital is a Microsoft Solution partner and a proudly South African company.


About Sunset Point Software

Sunset Point Software is dedicated to facilitating “the immortal enterprise.’ By integrating the past into the present, our solutions like Legacy Snapshot transcend traditional data preservation methods. We convert complex legacy systems into accessible, AI-enhanced PDF documents, ensuring that the rich insights of historical data remain an active participant in an organization’s growth and innovation narrative. For more information, visit

CONTACT: Sunset Point Software, Inc.

Bart Farmer, 888-703-5358


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