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Microsoft cloud migration case study

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

PPC is a leading supplier of materials and solutions into the basic services sector in Southern Africa with 11 cement factories in South Africa, Botswana, DRC, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Zimbabwe.

Cloud migration

PPC had several distributed Active Directory instances with a separate domain in each country. Due to limitations on the head office Active Directory, a new domain was required to consolidate all other regional domains into a single forest. Because each country also had their own Exchange instances, PPC decided to migrate all mailboxes into a consolidated M365 environment. PPC engaged with First Digital’s Platform Advisory Services team to undertake the consolidation of and migration to Exchange Online.

Working closely with PPC, First Digital developed a migration plan based on Microsoft’s Plan, Design, Execute and Deploy methodology for Microsoft Cloud migrations.

The following services was delivered during the project:

  • Migrating users from on-premises domains to new forest enabled onpremises domain

  • Migrating groups from on-premises domains to new forest enabled onpremises domain

  • Migrating workstations from on-premises domains to new forest enabled on-premises domain Migrating mailboxes from on-premises Microsoft Exchange to Office 365

  • Migrated selected Office 365 mailboxes from an existing tenant to the new Office 365 tenant.

First Digital and PPC migrated multiple Active Directory instances into a single forest, and migrated Microsoft Exchange mailboxes and a legacy Office 365 tenant, to a new tenant catering for 5 countries:

  • Established control of a single domain spanning 5 African countries

  • Decommissioned a legacy, standalone Office 365 tenant into a new one

  • Migrated multiple Microsoft Exchange on-premisses mailboxes to a single Office 365 environment

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