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The First Digital Internship Experience - Amanda Ndukula

Amanda started her Internship journey with First Technology Digital in January 2022. She comes from the Belgium Campus and she joined our Automation & Integration team.

The internship experience

My experience has been a rollercoaster of learning. It has not been about what I know and can do, but more about what I do about what I can’t do. I have learned so much from my project team, not only technical but also soft skills. When collaborating all our work efforts to bring a solution, a lot of human work besides skill set gets the project done.

The First Digital culture

First Digital has a team culture, and everyone at least has a project team. Adding to the culture is the KPI system, which is for all employees to upskill in their desired career path, which is great for personal improvement. The idea of building the company and yourself at the same time, is killing two birds with one stone, I would say.

What I have learned

A few of the soft skills I’ve learned are team collaboration, efficient communication, and individual confidence in the type of work I do. Adding to my technical skills, is the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification, Development experience in K2 and SSRS, and UiPath RPA.

Amanda Ndukula

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