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Modern Employee Engagement – Powered by Microsoft Viva

Employee engagement is vital for the success of an organisation. Engaged employees are more productive and committed to their work thus having higher job satisfaction. They also tend to stay with their employer longer and have lower rates of absenteeism and turnover.

However, achieving high levels of employee engagement can be a challenge, especially in today’s remote and hybrid work environments. Fortunately, there are tools that can help organisations improve employee engagement. In this article we talk about Microsoft VIVA and its ability to empower individuals and teams to bring out their best.

What is Microsoft Viva?

Microsoft VIVA is an employee experience platform that provides a comprehensive set of tools to support an organisation's workforce. It is designed to help organisations manage employee engagement, learning, knowledge sharing, and well-being, all within the context of their existing productivity tools like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. The platform has several advantages that make it an excellent choice for companies looking to improve their employee experience:

Streamlined Employee Experience

One of the primary advantages of Microsoft VIVA is its ability to streamline the employee experience. The platform brings together all the tools and resources employees need to do their jobs effectively, making it easier for them to collaborate and communicate with one another. VIVA also provides a personalised experience, tailoring its offerings to individual employees' needs and preferences, resulting in a more efficient and engaging experience.

Enhanced Learning and Development

Microsoft VIVA's Learning component is an advanced learning management system (LMS) that empowers organisations to develop, deliver and manage various training programs. The LMS is integrated into the Microsoft Teams and can provide personalised recommendations, assigning coursework, tracking progress, and awarding certifications. The VIVA Learning component can also integrate with third-party training platforms, providing access to an even more extensive range of training resources.

Improved Knowledge Sharing

VIVA Insights is an analytics-driven tool that allows organisations to gain insights into how employees are spending their time and how they can optimise their time and resources. This tool enables organisations to identify areas where they need to improve knowledge sharing and collaboration, enabling employees to work more effectively and efficiently. With VIVA Insights, organisations can identify common challenges and barriers that employees face and take proactive measures to address these challenges.

Enhanced Employee Well-being

VIVA provides tools to help employees prioritise their well-being, such as VIVA Topics, which provides access to the latest news and research on mental and physical well-being. Additionally, VIVA Insights can monitor employee well-being, such as how much time they spend on tasks, how much they collaborate with others, and how frequently they take breaks. This data can be used to identify areas where employees may be struggling and provide support where needed.

Integration with Existing Tools

One of the significant advantages of Microsoft VIVA is its integration with existing productivity tools like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. This integration allows employees to access all the VIVA features directly from their existing tools, reducing the learning curve and improving the adoption rate. This integration also allows VIVA to leverage the existing data and information stored in these tools, enabling a more holistic and personalised experience.

In conclusion, Microsoft VIVA provides several advantages that make it an excellent choice for organisations looking to enhance their employee experience. From streamlining employee experiences to enhancing learning and development, improving knowledge sharing, prioritising employee well-being, and integrating with existing tools, Microsoft VIVA is a powerful platform that can help organisations achieve their goals while providing a better experience for their employees.

Shaaira Omar

I am a SharePoint Lead in the Digital Workplace team at First Technology Digital, and I am ready to help our customers transform employee experience in their organisations. Reach out to Shaaira Omar, Gary Finberg or Chris Botha at First Digital to get you started on this exciting journey! We offer 3/5/10 day discovery engagements to assess your organisation’ variables, audiences, systems and communication channels to create a tailor-made experience for your Viva implementation!


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